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vRj5ikg.png PRIDE RSPS Gambling Rules vRj5ikg.png

Hello everybody, my name is FRODO

I hope your enjoy my gambling guide, use the command ::dice in game to join in the area.


  • 55x2  (55)- The host rolls his dice / If the Dice rolls over 55 you win x2 (With 55 i re-roll the dice)  
  • Dice Duel (DD) - Two players dicing against each other.
  • Flower Poker  (FP) - It is similar to the ways Poker, where each player must have a better "hand" than the other to win the pot. 
  • Hot & Cold (HC - Hot - Cold) - Guess the correct outcome of the next flower planted. 
  • Blackjack  (BJ)- Get as close to 100 as possible/Beat the host (Without passing 100).

The most popular dicing method is the 55x2 Dicing. The rules are very basic and easy to learn;

- The Dice Host rolls the dice.
- If the number rolled is 55 or greater, the Dice Host LOSES the gamble and the pot goes to the Player
- If the number rolled is lower than 55, the Dice Host WINS the gamble and the pot goes to the Host.
55x2                                  - If the host rolls 55, it's a Re-roll - (Rr)



Dice Dueling is also a well known gambling method. It involves two players dicing against each other instead of only 1 person throwing the die.

Once again, the rules are very simple;

- Both players rolls the dice at the same time
- Whoever rolls the highest number gets one point

Here is an example;
Player A rolls 58.
Player B rolls 26.

Player A wins a point, making the score 1-0 in Player A's favour.
Once one of the players has
THREE points, they win the gamble.

If both players roll the same number, you will 



Flower Poker is a very popular gambling method. It is similar to the ways of actual Poker, wherein each player must have a better "hand" than the other to win the pot. 

 It involves betting on what colour flowers will emerge from Mithril seeds planted by the Hosts.

5 flowers are planted, and the player with the best pair wins the pot.
If both players end up with the same hand, you 

Beneath are the different types of hands from worst to best;

( Bust > 1P > 2P > 3P > FH > 4OAK > 5OAK )


White and Black flowers are a lot more rare, and planting one of these will result in a Re-Plant.


Hot or Cold

Hot or cold runs off the the concept of hot and cold colors.

After you've placed your bet, you'll say either "hot" or "cold." The host will plant the flower and you'll either win or lose.

 Hot Flowers



   Cold Flowers



   Host Wins







Black Jack – Carol Murdy | Douglas County Herald

Any number of rolls hit or stay

The Host must have a dice bag to begin

You must pay the Host or a Middleman your bet 

Each roll the better must hit or stay (H/S)

The goal is for both players to hit as close to 100 as possible without going over

If the Host rolls higher than the better and doesn't bust over 100, the host wins

If the Player hits the highest number and Host busts, the Host pays x2 of the bet

Players go first and Host must try to beat the Players highest rolls




Gandalf (player) vs Frodo (Host)

Gandalf trades Frodo 100m bet on BlackJack (BJ)

Frodo rolls a 35 and then asks for H/S

Gandalf hits, Frodo rolls a 52. Total being 87. Gandalf decides to Stay

Frodo rolls 62

Frodo rolls 53 and busts at a 115/100 total.

Frodo pays 200m to Gandalf as winnings 🥰


If you have any further questions please contact me or consult our official rules of Pride RSPS.



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