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Patch Notes 1.8 Part 1
- Ghrazi rapier now has the same effect as the chaotic rapier ( This allows the performance to be very similar but as the ghrazi is harder to get it does have a extra 4 max hit)
- Added gold smithing gauntlets
- Fixed ::daily rewards now you can only claim once per account / IP
- Music is toggled off (Upon logging in you now have the option to enable or disable, comes disabled)
- Added V's shield (This is just a upgraded version of the mirror shield)
- Added hydra slayer helm
- Added creating hydra slayer helm imbued
- Added Basilisk jaw (Use to create the face-guard)
- Added blue knight spirit shield to zulrah (this is a rare drop)
- Added Nightmare staffs to Alchemical hydra and void knight
- Disabled the broadcasts from mystery boxes dropped from monsters
- Removed infernal boxes (These will be replaced with a new mystery box probably the magic chest)
- Removed the auto spell from the nightmare staff (was causing the entire game to crash)
- Added ::players (This displays a interface which shows who's online and how many)
- Added prices to custom items (So now when you die a bronze dagger is lost instead of a twistedbow)
- Spooky Bow as now been buffed
  Raids - COX
- Currently COX has a point system but its not used for anything doesn't really do anything + functionality doesn't
 work atall.
- The rewards are now based on how many points you gain collectively as a group! depending on feedback we will be
 adding a point interface.
- The reason we have based it on collective points is to allow hardcore iron men, to have a actual chance at receiving rewards.
- Bonuses below:
- sapphire, 1.2x
- emerald, 1.4x
- ruby, 1.6x
- diamond, 1.8x
- dragonstone, 2.0x
- onyx, 2.2x
- zenyte, 2.6x
- Hc_ironman, 1.4x
- Ironman, 1.2x

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