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Patch Notes 1.7
- Collection log fixed
- Added music system integration
- Added slayer task display on screen
- Updated in-game donator store
- Added a new crown for elite players
- Added multiple crown support
- Nurfed whip (was set to 2ticks for some reason)
- Kraken is now killable offtask
---Things you're able to create---
- Added Berserker_necklace_(or)
- Added Dragon_platebody(or)
- Added Tormented_bracelet_(or)
- Corrected requirements to wear items
- Fixed granite boots
- Added a global annoucement for people who donate
- Added amulet of the damned to corrupt karils and dharoks
- Hardcore ironmans, ironmans, ulitmate ironmans can now use loyalty shop
- You can now create the blood twisted crossbow
- Added stats to Gonodermic
- Wearing full Gonodermic gives a 1.7x mage multiplier
- Corrected the ancient wyvern shield stats
- Added blood, wrath, soul runes to blood money shop
- Updated pvp shop
- Removed donator tokens from vote shop (due to vpn voting)
- Added 19 more dragons to the dragon hunter crossbow effect + lance
- Changed ring of wealth to cash in 2.5m on well
- Changed drop modifier of the imbued ring of wealth to 10% instead of 15%
- Adjusted star gaze rings to 13% drop modifier
- The ancient sword has been increase to 5k pvm points and attacks with 1tick
- Updated ::commands ingame
- Changed trident of the swamp to 1 scale per cast

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