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Patch Notes 1.6
- Updated COX drop tables
- Adjusted the news
- Added exchanging fishing outfits + starter dungeon items to well of goodwill
- Fixed wyvern shield (Now works the same as a dragonfire / anti-fire shield)
- Added Noted dragon bones to drops (Applies to emerald donator +)
- Added wilderness keys to Callisto, Venantis, Vetion
- Added pet drop rate bonus ( Gold chinchompa, Hydra, vorki, princess, chinchompa, rocky, pheonix, darkcore, kraken, omlet, cub, chaos ele, skotos, kree, spider, vet'ion, hell pup, abysal, jad, supreme, prime, rex, bandos, smoke devil, mole, zilyana, k'ril)
(all bonuses are different)
- Changed the way drops are announced in general chat
- Updated [News] Colour (helps it stick out and makes it clearer to read)
- Fixed spell caster gloves
- Increase ahrims staff tick rate (decrease from 6 ticks to 4 ticks)
- Decreased all other staffs (4 ticks to 3 ticks)
- Adjusted Knife + dart speed to match osrs wiki at 2ticks
- Adjusted Rapier to 2ticks (may be adjusted in the future)
- Increased switching to attacking speeds
- Added tier 5 emblem drops to chaos fanatic at 1-50
- Reduced Theatre of blood lobby timer

COX chest:

Common Rewards

Staff of light
Black Dragon Hunter Crossbow (60% dmg boost vs dragons *DHCB is 40%)
Twisted buckler (+30 range shield)
Dinhs bulwark
Kodai Wand
Dragon Claws

Rare Rewards

Twisted Bow
Twisted Crossbow
Blood perk for twisted cbow
Twisted Jester Hat
Twisted Staff
Xeric Helmet (+10 STR + 10 Pray)
Xeric Platebody (+10 STR + 10 Pray)
Xerix Platelegs (+10 STR + 10 Pray)
Ancestral Hat
Ancestral Robe Top
Ancestral Robe Bottom 

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