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Patch Notes 1.5
- Buffed drop catcher
: It now picks up - Dragon daggers, dragon plate-legs, coal, onyx bolt tips, rune full helms, rune war hammers, dragon bolt tips, dragon plate skirts, black dragon-hide, rune plate-bodies.
- Fixed fishing cove bank
- Fixed cursed karils crossbow
- Added "Oily cloth" to slayer points (used to imbuing slayer helm)
- Added mithril gloves and barrow gloves to boss shop
- Nurfed elite armadyl (hitting 541s was way to high)
- Buffed wildy mystery boxes. (now includes twisted bows, spirit shields, virtus)
- Removed items from wildy mystery box (makes it more worth it)
- Removed common blood money drops (Makes it more wilderness based)
- Fixed larrens chest (chances of 1 in 150 at receiving a wildy mystery box)
- Added torva set bonus
- Buffed elite ancestral set
- Increased DPS using DHCB ( Black DHCB + DHCB works the same as osrs )
- Updated kraken drops 1/500 (Drops spell-caster gloves, swift gloves, goliath gloves)
- Updated Cerberus drops 1/300 (drops infernal hammer, infernal long-sword, infernal staff)
- Updated Zilyana drops 1/500 (Drops seren godbow)
- Buffed Neitiznot face-guard +10 strength bonus
- Increase Vorkath + KBD armour (1.4 & 1.6 damage - accuracy)

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