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We care about our community and want everyone to be treated fairly.  

That is why the Pride Staff Team is held to the highest standards. We want you to have the best possible experience while enjoying Pride.

If you believe that a member of the team is not living up to this expectation, you have the right to voice your opinion here. 

Expectations are but not limited to:


Following the Rules of Pride

Handling every situation in a professional manner. (No harassing, flaming, or antagonizing).


Never making up your own rules. (If you have an issue with a rule contact administration)


Never playing favorites in any situation regardless of who is involved.


Respecting the commands you are given. (No teleporting yourself or other players for an unfair advantage)



You must use the template below or your post will be deleted. (You may re-post using the correct template)


Report Template 


Staff Member you are reporting:

Reason for reporting:




Discord username:



If you are found falsely reporting staff your post will be deleted and you will face consequences.

This is to make sure all members of the community are treated fairly. Do not abuse it. 









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