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Hi all here's some more updates for you!

- We have added hespori, You can get theses seeds from the brimstone chest! 

- We have fixed an issue with snape grass seeds giving the wrong ID

- We have reduced the amount of GP the stardust boxes give from 5m down to 50k

- We have changed the break free text color as the normal color was way to bright

- We have fixed the issue when killing the healers in hespori now actually die

- We have corrected the animations when farming, before hand we didn't know the correct ones so we just used place holders

- We have given the tome of fire the +8 magic that is required copied from osrs wiki

- We have added, Brimstone chests, supply crates, vote mystery boxes and blood mystery boxes counters to the quest tab

- We have added the bonuses back for the dragon bolts

- We have added boss points to vorkath

- We have removed pvm points from ghosts found in the catacombs, as they were afkable and easy to gain pvm points

- We have added an easier way to obtain stardust boxes, from just clicking the dust you can exchange 500 dust for a box or speak to the alien and exchange 300 dust for a box.

- Trading post has been enabled again, We believe we've fixed the issue (cheat engine) due to packet manipulation, any issues please let us know!

Thank-you for your time, i hope you can enjoy this update as much as we did adding everything!

Any issues or concerns in-game please raise them with our staff team! 

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