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Hi everyone! Its been a while since i did an update log! Back to the grind of updates!

What's changed?!

Farming update:

- We now have full weeding / composting supporting Ultra + Super composting

- We now have full trees  support

- We now have full herbs support

- We now have full flower support including white lily!

- We have added the magic secateurs, when wearing you can teleport to patches around the game like trees and herbs.

- We have added a cheat engine hook now, to prevent people from duping items and xp

- We have fixed supreme void, now isn't lost of death and is a better inslot than normal elite void

- We have added farmers than can sell plant cure/magic secateurs/saplings etc

- With the farmers you can also pick pocket them to get your own seeds!

This might not seem like a lot but farming alone, in comparison to other servers out there this is a huge update, we have also changed to dedicated server for our hosting, we have stuck with OVH due to their ddos migration just upped the power a lot! 

We will be focusing on bugs now that farming is added in the game! Please bare with us, we have seen the list. We will start posting daily updates again! Thank you for staying and playing Pride see you all in-game, Many thanks Pride staff team! 

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