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Hello everyone! Just a handful of updates mostly QoL.

- We have added wrath runecrafting to ::edz and Bandit Camp lvl 21 in the Wilderness

- We have fixed the banking all and x, currently when using x you can only bank a maximum of 1k as this was for testing purposes but will be limited to allow up 2147m, same as osrs

- We have fixed the melee issue, this was down to the owner writing the new path finding he messed up one of the lines that told you to stop movement when attacking another player

- We have fixed Ultimate Ironmen noting on banks, we should have all items covered now

- We have re-added diaries, these were removed since we updated our interfaces. we have returned it with the stock interface but its pending a new look

- We have added ::teletask , this command will teleport you to your task, we are working on a way to enable all players to use this command either for a cost of slayer points or unlockable for slayer points. Currently this is a donator command.

- We have fixed an issue within ToB where you could dupe the Scythe of Vitur. No one has one in game but we're happy that you are now unable todo so

- We have fixed the final boss glitching out due to the amount of DPS it receives it used to stop its transformation causing the game to null

- We have added a basic chest counter in the quest tab so you can keep an eye on how many chests you have, we plan to expand this at some point in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates, many thanks - Pride staff team!

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