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Hello all, these updates should of been addressed with the last update log but due to time I was unable to complete this.

- Bird house timers are now 50 minutes

- Revs now have a separate drop table, in the sense you cannot kill the goblin and have the same odds at getting a craws as you would the knight or dragon.

- Ancient emblems, the majority of these have stayed the same we have decreased the emblem to 100k and totem to 200k, due to how common these drops are.

- We have enabled claiming your items back from a Skotizo death

-  We have added a donator benefit, where now anyone above 100+ will have unlimited stamina

- We have fixed graceful now you must wear the full set to have the full effect

- We have fixed the farming and clue-scroll achievements now they count towards your achievements (before they wouldn't, making the max cape impossible to achieve)

- We have increased the amount of herbs picked for the achievements.

- We have added Elite Bandos into the game now

- We have buffed how much the fury costs in-game due to PVM point farming, it was over due a price increase. same with a few other items that have been increased.

This should cover the important updates, any issues or concerns please raise them!

Thanks, Pride staff team 

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