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Launch Tournament

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Hello and welcome to Pride's Tournament. This will be an ongoing event and will last until all prizes have been claimed. You will be required to provide screenshots of the completion of any specific task within the tiers to an admin or higher to claim your prize. Each task in a tier is worth the corresponding prize with that tier.

Beginner Tier: Rewards 10 Donator tokens or $10 worth of mystery boxes
First to get a skilling pet of any kind - Claimed
First to 99 Farming and 99 Herblore (requires both) - Claimed
First to complete 1 kill of each Godwars Dungeon Bosses - Claimed
First to reach Farming Guild and utilize all patches within the Farming Guild.

Easy Tier: Rewards 20 Donator tokens or $20 worth of mystery boxes
First to 99 Agility - Claimed
First to get full Graceful Outfit - Claimed
First to get full Ahrim's from Barrows - Claimed
First to get full Pyromancer outfit from Wintertodt

Medium Tier: Rewards 30 Donator tokens or $30 worth of Mystery Boxes
First to get 99 slayer and 3 unique item drops from monsters requiring 85+ slayer (Abby Demons or higher) - claimed
First to get full Bandos from Bandos Godwars
First to get 50 Corporeal Beast kills
First to get Craw's Bow/Viggora's Chainmace from Revs and complete one of the wilderness shields (odium or malediction)

Hard Tier: Rewards 45 Donator Tokens or $45 worth of M-Boxes
First to complete the Godsword set from Godwars
First to get Armadyl Crossbow and kill 50 Armadyl Bosses - claimed
First to get 3 Wilderness pets from bosses
First to get 2000 total level - claimed

Elite Tier: Rewards 60 Donator Tokens or $60 Worth of M-boxes
First to get Infernal Cape from Inferno without using raids items (eg no Tbow or Scythe)
First to get Max cape - Claimed
First to get 100million EXP in a non-combat skill (does not include slayer or prayer) - Claimed
First Ironman to reach 2000 total level - Claimed
First Group Ironman Team to complete a Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood Raid

Master Tier: Rewards 80 Donator TOkens or $80 worth of mystery boxes
First Ironman to get Max cape and get full Armadyl (including Armadyl Crossbow)
First Group Ironman Team to receive a mega rare from Raids (Scythe/Tbow/Ancestral)
First person to complete 25 of each raid
First to Complete the spirit shield set (including custom spirit shields)
First to get all pvp items from Revs/pking (does not count if killing alts for pvp points)

Completionist Tier: Rewards 100 Donator tokens or $100 worth of mystery boxes
First to reach 200m exp in 5 non-combat skills
First to complete all Diaries
First to Completionist Cape

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