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updates 14/10/2020
- Fixed NPC safe spotting diagonally
- Fixed equipment slot for tourmented bracelet (or)
- Elite ancestral set now gives a 2.5x bonus compared to the 1.7x it gave
- Ganodermic set now gives a 1.2x bonus compared to the 0.7x it gave before
- Vanguard set has been reverted to the original look without the textures
- Inquisitors set (helm, platebody, skirt) now give a 8% increase at deflecting damage
- Inquisitors mace now has the ability to hit multiple times in a 2 tick period as a passive effect
- Abyssal scythe has been removed
- Infernal mystery box has been removed
- The pet box has been updated and the following pets have been removed:
                            a) Void Knight Jr
                            b) Pet Star Sprite
                            c) Scoop
                            d) Rune Dragon
                            e) Pet Petie
                            f) Bloodhound (ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH CLUE SCROLLS "Hard, elite, Master CLUE")
                            g) Blood Bird.
                            h) Necrolord Staff (Not a pet)
                            i) Mini Solomon
                            j) Pet Cave Bug
                            k) Wyrm, normal and ice
                            l) RockSlug 
                            m) Pet Vitreous Warped Jelly
                            n) Pet Aberrant Specter
- Vote box has had the party hats removed
- Toxic Noxious Scythe removed
- Spooky, gilded, curses twisted bow's have been removed
- Added nightmare staffs these now have there attack styles and animations including a automatic spell cast

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