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  1. We care about our community and want everyone to be treated fairly. That is why the Pride Staff Team is held to the highest standards. We want you to have the best possible experience while enjoying Pride. If you believe that a member of the team is not living up to this expectation, you have the right to voice your opinion here. Expectations are but not limited to: Following the Rules of Pride Handling every situation in a professional manner. (No harassing, flaming, or antagonizing). Never making up your own rules. (If you have an issue with a rule contact administration) Never playing favorites in any situation regardless of who is involved. Respecting the commands you are given. (No teleporting yourself or other players for an unfair advantage) You must use the template below or your post will be deleted. (You may re-post using the correct template) Report Template Staff Member you are reporting: Reason for reporting: Proof/Evidence: Date: Time: Discord username: If you are found falsely reporting staff your post will be deleted and you will face consequences. This is to make sure all members of the community are treated fairly. Do not abuse it.
  2. Rules for Staff Applications Must use the template when applying. Must be 18+ No Bumping your own application. No Advertising your application Serious applications only. In-Game Staff Requirements Maintain activity within the community. Minimum forum post count of 20. Have no recent offenses. 20 days of in-game play time. In-Game Staff Application Name: Age: In-game Username: Discord Username: Location: Timezone: Languages: Screenshot of time played: How long have you played Pride?: How many hours do you play a day?: Why do you want to be a member of the Staff team?: What separates you from other applicants?: Do you have any skills that could be of benefit to Pride?: Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?: If you were a helper... What would you do if you saw someone spamming?: What would you do if someone was flaming a player?: What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member?: What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums?: What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items?: If you do not abide by the rules of Pride and uphold the highest standards that are expected of you. It will result in a immediate demotion. Do you understand and accept these conditions? Yes: I (insert name) understand and accept. No: Application Null and Void.
  3. Relax


    - Added amulet of avarice - Added boosted drops when killing revs skulled - Added battlemage potions - Fixed dragonstone (e) bolts - Changed stats on dragon bolts - Fixed item disponsal in mystery box - Fixed zenyte amulet in chest - Added global wilderness npcs (If there is missing any please notify me) - Reworked vorkath drop table - Added vorkath armour to vorkath (removed elite armadyl) (Elite armadyl is extremely OP, reason why)
  4. - Changed Letter to surok to 100_Pvm_Points - Added new vorkath armour - Fixed amyethest fletching - Fixed client launcher - Updated client launcher GUI - Added christmas Scythe (can no longer obtain) - Started work on a whole new website + store (expecting within 2 weeks) - Adjusted the woodcutting guild xp zone - - Finally fixed memory leak + Automatic restarts.
  5. - Updated drop announcement - Added Theatre of blood -Fixed looting bag - Added ancient relics to revs - Fixed craws bow - Changing game processing we are testing in raids if successful we will move to the whole game - Removed double XP events (We can still use the well) -Added instancing to Theatre of blood -Blocked pets as a temporary solution to raids Updated daily rewards
  6. - Updated PVP skulls - Fixed revenant drop table - Added pvp armours to drop tables - Fixed hunter xp - Fixed revenant cave wildy levels - Changed prices in pvp store - Added a new kill streak system - Changed rare drop annoucements - Added pvp armours to revenants - Added "open" armour sets to barrow sets and standard armour - Updated our security regarding our databases - Fixed trading post ( you can walk away without closing the interface)
  7. - Fixed client launcher Added “Open” option on armour sets - Fixed trading post “next, previous” - Fixed equipment of items Added royal seed pod works like osrs - Added ::togglevials (vial smashing) -Added freeze timers - Added new bounty hunter system - Fixed player mage books Fixed roof top agility - Added imbued heart timer - Fixed a theiving issue - Fixed item duplication issue - Added rune axe / rune pickaxe to iron man shop
  8. - Fixed duplication bug on player owned shops - Released player owned shops - Reduced prices in the in-game donator store. (in preperation for black friday - website to follow) - Changed the player in combat timer to 10 seconds (was 5 seconds before) - Added inventory models to our custom items + drop models - Changed the loot in the wilderness chest - Added new spawns to the chest allowing it to spawn around the map - Added ::snow (turns on and off) in preperation for christmas - Started working on thanks giving event - Added a max preset to the tournament system - Finished the 8 man tournaments - Lowered the timer to 30 seconds between game (tournaments) - Removed spectres until there is a fix inplace (slayer) - Removed the zulrah scales from extreme box, placed inside the ultra and reduced to 30k scales - Fixed dwarf cannon at corporeal beast - Buffed dragon claws - Added new items to the pvm store (removed the scythe of vitur)
  9. - Added dwarf cannon - Added new starter interface (cleaner) - Fixed dragon scimitar (or) - Cannon balls drops to bosses - Added clue-scroll notifications when you get a drop - Added ancient shard drops to more catacomb monsters - Fixed a issue with invisible dwarf cannon - Fixed varrock easy diary - Removed tables from general store at home - Added corporeal beast teleport - Fixed spell error in teleport map - Changed server broadcasted messages (allows the chatbox to be more tidy) - Fixed a security issue where you could log into any accounts without a password
  10. - Fixed dragon hunter lance (25% more damage towards dragons) - Added well of good will + a icon shows when the 20% boosted double drops are active - Added Zamorak, bandos, saradomin, aramadyl godsword (or) special attacks - Added dragon bolts opal + dragon stone special effects - Added a new donator zone - Added new objects to existing donator zone - Added donator perk, Mining, fishing, woodcutting - Changed player support icon (more professional) - Added new elite armours (Justiciar) - Added 2019 Halloween event armour - Added part 2 Halloween event (Collect crystals to proceed to next part) - Started utilizing our player base by advertising on larger communities - Fixed Hunter xp issue - Changed our donator ranking system - Fixed a issue with dragon lance and donator store - Fixed bracelet of ether duplication glitch - Added osrs trading - Updated loyalty shop - Buffed elite void - Buffed elite justiciar - Made 2019 Halloween set cosmetic only - Buffed drop catcher
  11. Relax


    - Added new elite ancestral - Buffed brimstone chest (contains secondaires and food) - Added hardcore iron man ranks - Fixed a ultimate iron bug (if you die your items disapear) - Added kaluumn dengeon give damage if no stone / brimstone boots are equipted - Added more items to the loyalty shop - Buffed elite armadyl now has a set bonus - Added osrs banking - Fixed teleport and logging out in tournaments - Added max str tournament preset - Added 3rd age druidic + 3rd age plateskirt - Added mask of ranul - Added wolf mask and wolf cape - Added skull cape - Fixed dragon hunter lance
  12. - Nerfed dragon implings - Moved to a dedicated donator shop - Added automatical claiming donations - Scythe of vitur is now blocked in the wilderness - New player ranks added - Pest control timer reduced to 20 seconds - Fixed voting - Client launcher complete - Reworked NPC names - Adjusted OPcodes (graphics and visuals) - Disabled particles - Added new iron man shops - Fixed herb sack - Added pvm point exchange scroll (same as loyalty scroll) - Ahrims staff 1 handed - Added correct brimstone chest at ::konar - Added kaluum dungeon teleport the correct way at ::konar - Added 32k object support - Added kurask slayer only zone - Added devout boots - Added Ferocious gloves - Added creating dragon hunter lance - Added creating brimstone boots - Added creating devout boots - Added creating ferocious gloves - Added alchemical hydra - Fixed wyrm death emote - Fixed wyrm spelling in teleports - Changed prices in vote shop for gold key - Added all slayer helms to check npc kill logs + current slayer task - Removed master farmer from daily tasks - Fixed slayer wyrm task - Fixed clipping at home - Added fountain at home to imbue rings, magic short bow, basic items - Fixed zulrah instances - Added multiple instance support (limit was 5)
  13. These are the current donation ranks of Pride. Perks subject to change. We will be adjusting and adding new perks in the future. Sapphire: $10 Access to the Donator zone. Ability to create a custom title. Yell command cooldown - 60 seconds. Emerald: $30 Access to the Donator Zone. Ability to use to the teleport interface command - ::tp. Ability to create a custom title. Yell command cooldown - 60 seconds. Ruby: $50 Access to the Donator Zone. Ability to use to the teleport interface command - ::tp. Ability to create a custom title. Yell command cooldown - 60 seconds. Diamond $100 Access to the Donator and Extreme Donator Zone. Ability to use to the teleport interface command - ::tp. Ability to create a custom title. Yell command cooldown - 60 seconds. Ability to use the ::bank command. Drop rate increase: 2% Bonus slayer points: 5 Bonus Pk points: 1 Dragonstone: $200 Access to the Donator and Extreme Donator Zone. Ability to use to the teleport interface command - ::tp. Ability to create a custom title. Yell command cooldown - 30 seconds. Ability to use the ::bank command. Drop rate increase: 4% Bonus slayer points: 10 Bonus Pk points: 2 Onyx: $500 Access to the Donator and Extreme Donator Zone. Ability to use to the teleport interface command - ::tp. Ability to create a custom title. Ability to use the yell command without a cooldown. Ability to use the ::bank command. Drop rate increase: 6% Bonus slayer points: 15 Bonus Pk points: 3 Zenyte: $1000 Access to the Donator and Extreme Donator Zone. Ability to use to the teleport interface command - ::tp. Ability to create a custom title. Ability to use the yell command without a cooldown. Ability to use the ::bank command. Drop rate increase: 10% Bonus slayer points: 20 Bonus Pk points: 4 Title commands are as follows: Set a title - ::settitle [title] Set title colour - ::settitlecolour colour# Ser title shadow - ::settitleshadow shadow#
  14. Rules: 1.) No harassing/flaming: We have a ZERO tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. Using disrespectful language aimed at another players race, religion, or any other personal circumstance can and will be given appropriate consequences. Friendly banter is acceptable, within reason. 2.) No inappropriate usernames/profile picture: Use of any absurdly vulgar usernames or profile pictures will result in immediate termination. 3.) Advertisement: Using our community to advertise another RSPS or any other entity is prohibited on Pride. 4.) Third-party software: Using third-party software to gain an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited. 5.) Real-world trading: Real-world trading will never be tolerated, both parties will be subject to consequences. 6.) Bug Abuse: If you find a bug report it instantly. If you are found abusing a bug you will be subject to consequences. Consequences will be determined based on the severity of the bug. 7.) Chargebacks: Chargebacks are no joke, you will be banned and the only way to be unbanned will be to repay the full amount charged back +10%. The option to repay full amount +10% can be voided by the owner, will be taken on an individual case basis. 8.) Invading other communities: Advertisement is not allowed on our server and we will not allow our community to advertise on others. 9.) Punishment evasion: Evading punishment by changing IP address will result in a UUID ban. 10.) Using a Proxy to vote: Use of proxies to vote is forbidden and will result in a ban. It can result in us being removed from voting sites. 11.) Use of alternate accounts: Use of alt accounts is permitted, within reason. However, using your main and your alt accounts to gain an unfair advantage on other players while completing activities or events is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to Bossing, Wilderness, Competitions, and Special Events.