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  1. Theater of Blood. One of the final dungeons in the game where you can acquire many different end game pieces of equipment. The most notable drops from this dungeon are the Scythe of Vitur, Ghrazi Rapier, and the Avernic Defender. For this boss I highly recommend having full elite void (including all 3 helms) as that will take up the least amount of inventory spaces for gear switches. Granted if you do not have full elite void then Choosing your two best combat styles would be most suitable. For this raid if you do plan on using magic I suggest killing wilderness monsters/bosses until you obtain a rune pouch to hold your runes in. The runes you have for the highest mage spell would be your best option. The basic inventory for this raid should be similar to this (if you are wearing an ava's the entire way through). Changing out a few inventory slots for an ava's/magic cape/helmet wouldn't hurt. Granted you want to ensure that you have enough restoration potions for the first boss. Reason I say for the first boss is because after each boss there is a chest that you can open and use the points you accumulate during each boss fight to attain more potions/food supplies. Remember one thing though, you do not want to use all of your points as the points that you have at the end of the raid are what help you attain the more rare loot (not a guarantee just a better chance). After sorting out the inventory ensure you are ready for the fight of your life! The first boss, the Maiden, is fairly simple. Start off by attacking the boss and doing as much dps you can do. This boss will spawn little creatures at 3 different stages during the fight. These little beetles will spam heal the boss, meaning you must kill each of them off before being able to continue on. This boss fight will take some time if you are solo and not using very high tier gear. One you finish this boss, follow the corridor around the corner and you'll find your first supply chest. After filling back up on supplies go through the passageway, this is where you will meet the 2nd boss. For this boss, ensure you stay on the opposite side of the pillar in the center of the room while he is moving. If you get too close to the boss while he is still walking around you will take rapid damage and most likely die. This boss also has random body parts falling from the ceiling that if they land on you they will do up to 30 damage. The boss will eventually stop walking, at which point you will be able to attack him. Granted keep an eye out, while he is vulnerable to attack he will be knelt down. Once the boss starts to stand back up ensure you get back to the opposite side of the pillar if you do not want to take massive damage. Once you are finished with this room, leave through the passage opposite of the one you entered in from, here you will find another supply chest and the passageway to the 3rd boss. This boss is the trickiest boss, as this one has 3 different combat styles and recoil damage. In the picture you can see the boss is Green, this indicates it is in "Range" phase, while in range phase the boss can only be damaged by range attacks. The other two phases of the boss are Blue (Magic) and Silver/Grey (Melee) where in each respective phase the boss can only be damaged by that combat style. The boss will attack 3 times before changing combat styles, so after the 3rd attack animation is over will ensure you stop attacking and be ready to switch prayers and your attack style. This is the trickiest boss to fight in the entire raid, but if you can get past this one you have a very good chance of completing the rest of the raid. Once you finish this boss, double back the way you came in to this room and take the fork leading away from the passageway you entered from. There will be another supply chest, and of course the next passageway to the next boss. This boss is fairly simple, just dps him down. Every now and then the boss will send a large fireball towards the player, if the player is solo you will need to be ready to take up to 70 damage with magic protect on (Up to 99 without magic protect). If you are in a group, ensure you DD (Death Dot) on the player who the fireball is heading to, this way you can spread out the damage between all players instead of having one person take all the hits. Once this boss is dead, leave through the passageway and follow the corridor to the next boss room (of course filling up on supplies before entering the next boss). This boss has 3 phases, all 3 of which you must pay close attention to. Phase 1: Little Green Pools will spawn and rapidly heal the boss (the less he heals from these the less HP he has during the fight! So ensure you step on as many of these pools as you can.) By stepping on the pools you temporarily stop the healing the boss receives. After a short period of time the boss will spread its wings and then you must be prepared for a fight. This boss fight does no require any protection prayers as all the damage take in poison damage, but I find that magic protection slightly reduces the damage taken. Phase 2: During this phase you will want to attack the boss and then immediately move, unless you want to take 2-3 ticks of poison damage which can hit you for 5-9 damage per tick. After damaging the boss down to approximately 33% of his health is when he moves on to phase 3. Phase 3: Damage the boss as fast as you can, but watch out for darkened 3x3 patches around the arena, if you are attacking the boss while inside one of these 3x3 areas you will be hit with recoil damage equal to the damage you dealt while on the location. After the boss is dead, head to the next section where you will see a skeleton. TO BE ABLE TO COMPLETE THE NEXT BOSS YOU MUST SEARCH THIS SKELETON! After Searching the skeleton you will receive a Dawnbringer Staff. For the final boss you must equip Dawnbringer for the first phase of the fight otherwise you will deal no damage during the first phase. Refill on supplies as the next room is the final room, ensure you have enough supplies to last a long boss fight. With the Dawnbringer equipped, talk to the boss where the health bar will show up. You do not need runes for this part of the fight, just attack the boss. Ensure after each attack you move at least 3 spaces from your current location otherwise you will be hit with magic damage that hits 60+ even through magic protection! After you have defeated this phase of the final boss she will walk to the center of the room. While she is walking ensure you are preparing your best damage output! This phase is similar to the first, but also have another addition. Attacking the boss during this phase you want to ensure you are moving at least 1 space from your current location before attacking again, also at least 3 times during this phase the boss will spawn two scarab beetles. These two scarab beetles will damage if you attack the wrong one, and heal the boss if you don't attack the right one. (Always attack the smaller beetle, usually a red color, as this is the one that will heal the boss). After taking down this phase of the fight she will enter her final phase. The final phase of the boss will look like a giant spider creature hybrid basically. During this final phase you want to kite the boss around the room as much as possible, especially if in a group. The boss will focus on one target at a time, with melee and magic damage. Whoever is not being targeted by the boss should dps while the one being targetted is running around the room (kind of like kiting the saradomin godwars boss from corner to corner). If you are soloing, range would be your best option for this boss as you can always stay out of its attack range if done correctly. Once the boss is dead, the throne it was sitting on will turn into an entrance. Enter the treasure room where you will find a chest. Open the chest to receive your reward. Not far from the chest is a teleport crystal. This crystal will send you back to the main hall of the raids dungeon where you can regroup, resupply and get back into the lobby for another round. Good luck all on drops and be prepared for one of most fun and difficult dungeons Pride has to offer!
  2. General Graardor Level 624 (AKA Bandos) Sergeant Steelwill Level 142, Sergeant Strongstack Level 141, Sergeant Grimspike Level 142 The Bandos boss can be found inside the Godwars Dungeon Teleport in the "Bosses" tab. After teleporting in to the dungeon run north-west until you reach this door. Once inside run north and follow the wall until you reach this door. You will need 10 Kill Count of the bandos related monsters inside of the dungeon to gain access to the boss room. (If you are a donator you can get 10 kill count for 80,000 coins at ::dz). The teleportal is just south of where you teleport to when doing ::dz. There are different tiers of gear that can be effective at killing bandos. Starting from the bottom, the lowest tier to be able to get 2 to 5 boss kills would be: Abyssal Whip Amulet of Glory Rune Gloves Rune Defender Karil's Top Verac's Skirt Helm of Neitiznot/Verac's Helm Obsidian Cape/Fire Cape Berserker Ring/Ring of Wealth Dragon Boots Dragon Dagger (Spec Weapon) For this setup your inventory should look something like this. (If you are not a donator you would swap out the 80,000 coins for another shark, or another restore). The next setup would be the "Guthan's" Route. This route has a little more to sustain, while still not being too expensive or hard to come by. All gear set up would be the same, aside from having the full Guthan's set on, excluding the spear. For this setup, your inventory would look like this. (Note this is only if you are donator, if you are not donator you will not be required to bring the 80,000 coins). As you get the hang of the boss and find different strategies you can change up the inventory to suit your play style. Now to get into a little more advanced setups. Next setup will be if you have overoads, saradomin brews, and decent mid tiered gear. Helm of Neitiznot Amulet of Fury Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Dragon Boots Berserker Ring (i)/Ring of Wealth (i) Barrows Gloves Fire Cape Chaotic Rapier/Chaotic Longsword/Abyssal Whip Dragon Defender/Dragonfire Shield/Crystal Shield For this setup, with overloads and brews this should be your inventory. (Or similar, depending on how many restores you feel you need). You can also add in a godsword, dragon claws, or dragon warhammer for spec. After this stage, the inventory stays pretty much the same, unless you do not have access to brews and overoads. If you do have overloads, but no brews, trade out the brews for Sharks/Dark Crab/Manta Ray. If you don't have overoads (40 pvm points each) or don't want to go that route, use Super Combat Potions, as they are still very efficient. Moving higher than this tier of gear will make Bandos boss much easier and you will find out what works best for you, inventory wise. I would recommend sticking with Melee only for Bandos unless you have very high tiered Magic/Range armor as Bandos has a very high defence to both styles, although it is still a viable option if that is all you have. When inside the boss room, each of the minions will attack with a different style from the combat triangle. While Bandos boss is alive you want to protect from Melee, and attack him until he is dead. Periodically Bandos will use a ranged attack, you will know when he is doing this attack because he will slam both fists onto the ground. Once the boss falls you can switch your prayers to negate as much damage from the minions as possible. I would recommend staying with Melee protect as the melee minion will do more damage than the other two minions.
  3. Name: Michael Age: 29 In-game Username: Gunter Discord Username: Gunterhaben Location: United States Timezone: Central Daylight Time (GMT-5) Languages: English Screenshot of time played: https://puu.sh/FAvEs/2d0b84a647.png Time played is low due to server reset. But 11 hours in 2 days so far. How long have you played Pride?: Almost 1 year now. How many hours do you play a day?: Days that I work 3-5 hours, days off 8+ hours. Why do you want to be a member of the Staff team?: I've been with the the server for a long time and wish to use my knowledge and abilities to good use. I believe I have a good amount of knowledge plus trust built up with the players to be helpful in any situation. What separates you from other applicants?: My knowledge base, along with my rapore with everyone on the server. I have extensive knowledge and play time over the past year along with good standing with everyone who plays. Do you have any skills that could be of benefit to Pride?: I have good ideas for events, new items and bosses, along with the ability to stay calm in situations where others may get frustrated or verbally harassive. Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?: I have been part of the staff team before, but was inactive for a while due to not having internet to be able to play. I feel that I am in a stable enough point to where I won't be inactive for an extended period of time again. If you were a helper... What would you do if you saw someone spamming?: Ask the person to please stop spamming and let them know if they don't stop spamming they will be muted for a short time. What would you do if someone was flaming a player?: I would intervene and ask them to stop flaming and if it continued I would mute and jail the player for a short time until speaking with other staff members about the next step if it continues. What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member?: I would mute the player and explain to them that they need to have respect for other members of the community and especially staff members. Then if the person wanted to continue to flame I would take the next step by either jailing or making a 24 hour ban. Then follow up with other staff members to see what the next step would be if that person chose to continue flaming when they returned to the game. What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums?: I would remove the comments and put a temporary mute on the forum account that was posting rude comments. I would let the player know that those types of comments are not allowed and that if they want to continue posting on the forums they will need to follow the rules about posting on forums. What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items?: The first thing I would do would be to inform higher staff members, then I would attempt to find out who was duping items and would take appropriate action to remove the duped items along with taking appropriate action against the offender(s). If you do not abide by the rules of Colossus and uphold the highest standards that are expected of you. It will result in a immediate demotion. Do you understand and accept these conditions? Yes: I Gunter understand and accept.
  4. Great Update QW. Definitely looking forward to all the new implementations! Keep up the great work!