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  1. mod qw


    updates 14/10/2020 - Fixed NPC safe spotting diagonally - Fixed equipment slot for tourmented bracelet (or) - Elite ancestral set now gives a 2.5x bonus compared to the 1.7x it gave - Ganodermic set now gives a 1.2x bonus compared to the 0.7x it gave before - Vanguard set has been reverted to the original look without the textures - Inquisitors set (helm, platebody, skirt) now give a 8% increase at deflecting damage - Inquisitors mace now has the ability to hit multiple times in a 2 tick period as a passive effect - Abyssal scythe has been removed - Infernal mystery box has been removed - The pet box has been updated and the following pets have been removed: a) Void Knight Jr. b) Pet Star Sprite. c) Scoop. d) Rune Dragon. e) Pet Petie. f) Bloodhound (ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH CLUE SCROLLS "Hard, elite, Master CLUE"). g) Blood Bird. h) Necrolord Staff (Not a pet). i) Mini Solomon. j) Pet Cave Bug. k) Wyrm normal and ice L) RockSlug M) Pet Vitreous Warped Jelly. n) Pet Aberrant Specter. - Vote box has had the party hats removed - Toxic Noxious Scythe removed - Spooky, gilded, curses twisted bow's have been removed - Added nightmare staffs these now have there attack styles and animations including a automatic spell cast
  2. mod qw


    Added black mask and black mask (i) Added the ability to dismantle zulrah items Dagannoth bones can't be prayed on an altar Removed the default debug when uses bones on altar ring of life cordinates fixed glory amulet coordinates fixed Trade interface filled with exclamation marks fixed (requires a client update) Added correct health for Revenant cyclopse Buffed dragon hunter crossbow (stronger against dragons) Buffed dragon hunter lance (stronger against dragons) Fixed dragon hunter lance (attack style) Added KC shown when you receive a rare item example "Spiral received dragon bones from green dragon KC - 122"
  3. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.9 ----------------------- - Updated new home area - Fixed looting bag (Can now open in new home area) - Changed boundaries displayed on discord (Updates player locations) - Fixed teleport issue with main teleport interface - Fixed EDZ bonus XP - Fixed altar at home (Now use-able) - Added coal, gem, runite, adamant rocks at EDZ zone - Added new EDZ zone (Floating island pretty awesome) - Updated shooting star locations - Fixed cooking XP rates with angler fish now 235xp instead of 215xp - Changed how the bonus XP zones work over the 10 areas (Doesn't effect player input/output just code wise) - Added construction skill to display on highscores ------------------------------- Only a small update as I've been off really sick with COVID-19. Being a front-line worker I was bound to catch it at some point in time. I'm finally back. We are hoping to begin advertising again by July 15th. I have been reviewing the suggestions/bugs and will be making sure everything is up to date before the 15th. Thank you for staying patient. I can't wait to see our future!
  4. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.8 Part 2 final ----------------------- This update is mainly LMS ------------------------- We have gone with the 2016 version of LMS from osrs, its a 1-1 replica of OSRS. - Added LMS - Added chests updating once looted - Fixed barrage timer - Added xp boost timers - Fixed transparent interfaces - Added new in-game icons - Changed Moderator icons - Completely removed dicing and staking (Until we have a better system in place) - Fixed fog in LMS not dealing damage if a player isn't moving - Fixed fog staying on screen and causing you to die at home - Recoded the core system to patch all major bugs like seen above ^ - Added a LMS point system - Added ancient spell book to LMS - Removed all natures / earth runes - Replaced with death and blood runes for LMS - Added ::leavelms (This leave the game lobby, but it will not leave the actual game, you'll have log for that) - Added Unlimited run ( We will make a full in-depth guide on LMS)
  5. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.8 Part 1 ----------------------- - Ghrazi rapier now has the same effect as the chaotic rapier ( This allows the performance to be very similar but as the ghrazi is harder to get it does have a extra 4 max hit) - Added gold smithing gauntlets - Fixed ::daily rewards now you can only claim once per account / IP - Music is toggled off (Upon logging in you now have the option to enable or disable, comes disabled) - Added V's shield (This is just a upgraded version of the mirror shield) - Added hydra slayer helm - Added creating hydra slayer helm imbued - Added Basilisk jaw (Use to create the face-guard) - Added blue knight spirit shield to zulrah (this is a rare drop) - Added Nightmare staffs to Alchemical hydra and void knight - Disabled the broadcasts from mystery boxes dropped from monsters - Removed infernal boxes (These will be replaced with a new mystery box probably the magic chest) - Removed the auto spell from the nightmare staff (was causing the entire game to crash) - Added ::players (This displays a interface which shows who's online and how many) - Added prices to custom items (So now when you die a bronze dagger is lost instead of a twistedbow) - Spooky Bow as now been buffed --------------- Raids - COX --------------- - Currently COX has a point system but its not used for anything doesn't really do anything + functionality doesn't work atall. - The rewards are now based on how many points you gain collectively as a group! depending on feedback we will be adding a point interface. - The reason we have based it on collective points is to allow hardcore iron men, to have a actual chance at receiving rewards. - Bonuses below: - sapphire, 1.2x - emerald, 1.4x - ruby, 1.6x - diamond, 1.8x - dragonstone, 2.0x - onyx, 2.2x - zenyte, 2.6x - Hc_ironman, 1.4x - Ironman, 1.2x
  6. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.7 --------------- - Collection log fixed - Added music system integration - Added slayer task display on screen - Updated in-game donator store - Added a new crown for elite players - Added multiple crown support - Nurfed whip (was set to 2ticks for some reason) - Kraken is now killable offtask ---Things you're able to create--- - Added Berserker_necklace_(or) - Added Dragon_platebody(or) - Added Tormented_bracelet_(or) ---------------------------------- - Corrected requirements to wear items - Fixed granite boots - Added a global annoucement for people who donate - Added amulet of the damned to corrupt karils and dharoks - Hardcore ironmans, ironmans, ulitmate ironmans can now use loyalty shop - You can now create the blood twisted crossbow - Added stats to Gonodermic - Wearing full Gonodermic gives a 1.7x mage multiplier - Corrected the ancient wyvern shield stats - Added blood, wrath, soul runes to blood money shop - Updated pvp shop - Removed donator tokens from vote shop (due to vpn voting) - Added 19 more dragons to the dragon hunter crossbow effect + lance - Changed ring of wealth to cash in 2.5m on well - Changed drop modifier of the imbued ring of wealth to 10% instead of 15% - Adjusted star gaze rings to 13% drop modifier - The ancient sword has been increase to 5k pvm points and attacks with 1tick - Updated ::commands ingame - Changed trident of the swamp to 1 scale per cast
  7. Welcome everyone this is the first of many event we plan to have! Credit are all Pix's. Rules of Event You must complete a tier to be eligible for the prize You can form a partnership but must announce it to Pix before Sunday 3rd and you will be responsible for your splits either player can collect (max 2 player partnership) All items must be dropped by the applicable npc, screenshot the drop + announcement and sent to Pix on discord WHEN you complete a tier. You must include in public chat "Pride Bingo" when you take the screenshot Any cheating will forfeit all prizes and eligibility All prizes will be available for collection may 9th and may 10th.
  8. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.6 --------------- - Updated COX drop tables - Adjusted the news - Added exchanging fishing outfits + starter dungeon items to well of goodwill - Fixed wyvern shield (Now works the same as a dragonfire / anti-fire shield) - Added Noted dragon bones to drops (Applies to emerald donator +) - Added wilderness keys to Callisto, Venantis, Vetion - Added pet drop rate bonus ( Gold chinchompa, Hydra, vorki, princess, chinchompa, rocky, pheonix, darkcore, kraken, omlet, cub, chaos ele, skotos, kree, spider, vet'ion, hell pup, abysal, jad, supreme, prime, rex, bandos, smoke devil, mole, zilyana, k'ril) (all bonuses are different) - Changed the way drops are announced in general chat - Updated [News] Colour (helps it stick out and makes it clearer to read) - Fixed spell caster gloves - Increase ahrims staff tick rate (decrease from 6 ticks to 4 ticks) - Decreased all other staffs (4 ticks to 3 ticks) - Adjusted Knife + dart speed to match osrs wiki at 2ticks - Adjusted Rapier to 2ticks (may be adjusted in the future) - Increased switching to attacking speeds - Added tier 5 emblem drops to chaos fanatic at 1-50 - Reduced Theatre of blood lobby timer COX chest: Common Rewards Staff of light Black Dragon Hunter Crossbow (60% dmg boost vs dragons *DHCB is 40%) Twisted buckler (+30 range shield) Dinhs bulwark Kodai Wand Dragon Claws Rare Rewards Twisted Bow Twisted Crossbow Blood perk for twisted cbow Twisted Jester Hat Twisted Staff Xeric Helmet (+10 STR + 10 Pray) Xeric Platebody (+10 STR + 10 Pray) Xerix Platelegs (+10 STR + 10 Pray) Ancestral Hat Ancestral Robe Top Ancestral Robe Bottom
  9. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.5 --------------- - Buffed drop catcher : It now picks up - Dragon daggers, dragon plate-legs, coal, onyx bolt tips, rune full helms, rune war hammers, dragon bolt tips, dragon plate skirts, black dragon-hide, rune plate-bodies. - Fixed fishing cove bank - Fixed cursed karils crossbow - Added "Oily cloth" to slayer points (used to imbuing slayer helm) - Added mithril gloves and barrow gloves to boss shop - Nurfed elite armadyl (hitting 541s was way to high) - Buffed wildy mystery boxes. (now includes twisted bows, spirit shields, virtus) - Removed items from wildy mystery box (makes it more worth it) - Removed common blood money drops (Makes it more wilderness based) - Fixed larrens chest (chances of 1 in 150 at receiving a wildy mystery box) - Added torva set bonus - Buffed elite ancestral set - Increased DPS using DHCB ( Black DHCB + DHCB works the same as osrs ) - Updated kraken drops 1/500 (Drops spell-caster gloves, swift gloves, goliath gloves) - Updated Cerberus drops 1/300 (drops infernal hammer, infernal long-sword, infernal staff) - Updated Zilyana drops 1/500 (Drops seren godbow) - Buffed Neitiznot face-guard +10 strength bonus - Increase Vorkath + KBD armour (1.4 & 1.6 damage - accuracy)
  10. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.4 --------------- - Added banking to woodcutting guild - Added banking to lands end - Fixed server crashing ( was due to the client requesting region IDs) - Updated bounty hunter store (removed 650k tablet) - Fixed red twisted bow now granting 2.8x increase (doesnt work in the wilderness) - Rewrote the entire magic spell book - Added a anvil closer to home in the furnace - Removed bankers (allowing easier access to banks) - Fixed loyalty shop (now displaying the correct items) - Updated every single shop (this creates a more eco friendly enviroment) - Added basic combat runes to iron man store - Removed moss giant task from wilderness slayer - Nerfed referral event (due to mystery boxes being common i've removed them from ::Referral 1024) - Nerfed the Misc items recieved from killing monsters (coin drops) - Corrected object rotations at home
  11. mod qw


    Ahh i was supposed todo this update a while ago, what ill do is add the smithing method for this also add to shops
  12. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.3 --------------- - Added claiming items in skotizo - Added dragon bolt fletching - Added construction - Added ferocious gloves - Fixed pest control - Nerfed construction xp rates - Fixed yell title - Fixed a issue with logging out (client freezing) - Fixed donator store (displaying the wrong perks) - Corrected grammar mistakes - Fixed edgevile dungeon rotation - Increased blood scythe healing effect to 0.75 (was 0.20) - Fixed/added dragon bolt (e) stats - Fixed boss duplication with wildy bosses - Added infernal max cape colours - Added completionist cape colours - Added new interface for completionist
  13. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.2 --------------- - Updated Larrens chest 1-150 for a elder mystery box - Added elder mystery box (contains OP gear) - Updated trading post huge graphical update - Added slayer tasks to quest tab - Fixed ::daily rewards - Added new daily rewards (these will change every 7 days) - Fixed enchanting bolts - Fixed trading post linked to websites market - Added right click monsters to see drop table - Updated all shops ingame to make skilling worth while - Removed 90% of all coins received from chests - Fixed armadyl equipt - Fixed trading decline - Reduced tektons hp to increase Solo availabality - Corrected typos - Buffed blood scythe - Buffed twisted bow (again) - Changed servers name/domain/logo/tit - Updated graphics - Fixed memory leak with droptable - Added progression bars to trading post -------------------------------------------- These are the main updates of this week, we have done a few other minor bug fixing but nothing major to address.
  14. mod qw


    Patch Notes 1.1 --------------- - Updated collection log (support barrows browther indiviually) - Fixed climbing boots (g) - Updated bounty hunter store (mysterybox prices) - Added Barrow brothers on top of hill - Added region / boundary IDs linked with client - Removed current Slayer task from quest tab - Added wilderness slayer with larren keys - Recoded brimstone keys - Added Raid and blood boxes to bounty store (trying to avoid the p2w standard servers) - Fixed accepting traded - Added anti scamming on trading (like osrs flashing) - Added killing kraken off task - Buffed twisted bow - Added a new mystery box - Fixed a login issue causing server to crash The biggest update we're done in a while is defiantly the wildy slayer, check the post out and leave feedback.