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    Hi all here's some more updates for you! - We have added hespori, You can get theses seeds from the brimstone chest! - We have fixed an issue with snape grass seeds giving the wrong ID - We have reduced the amount of GP the stardust boxes give from 5m down to 50k - We have changed the break free text color as the normal color was way to bright - We have fixed the issue when killing the healers in hespori now actually die - We have corrected the animations when farming, before hand we didn't know the correct ones so we just used place holders - We have given the tome of fire the +8 magic that is required copied from osrs wiki - We have added, Brimstone chests, supply crates, vote mystery boxes and blood mystery boxes counters to the quest tab - We have added the bonuses back for the dragon bolts - We have added boss points to vorkath - We have removed pvm points from ghosts found in the catacombs, as they were afkable and easy to gain pvm points - We have added an easier way to obtain stardust boxes, from just clicking the dust you can exchange 500 dust for a box or speak to the alien and exchange 300 dust for a box. - Trading post has been enabled again, We believe we've fixed the issue (cheat engine) due to packet manipulation, any issues please let us know! Thank-you for your time, i hope you can enjoy this update as much as we did adding everything! Any issues or concerns in-game please raise them with our staff team!
  3. mod qw


    Hi everyone! Its been a while since i did an update log! Back to the grind of updates! What's changed?! Farming update: - We now have full weeding / composting supporting Ultra + Super composting - We now have full trees support - We now have full herbs support - We now have full flower support including white lily! - We have added the magic secateurs, when wearing you can teleport to patches around the game like trees and herbs. - We have added a cheat engine hook now, to prevent people from duping items and xp - We have fixed supreme void, now isn't lost of death and is a better inslot than normal elite void - We have added farmers than can sell plant cure/magic secateurs/saplings etc - With the farmers you can also pick pocket them to get your own seeds! This might not seem like a lot but farming alone, in comparison to other servers out there this is a huge update, we have also changed to dedicated server for our hosting, we have stuck with OVH due to their ddos migration just upped the power a lot! We will be focusing on bugs now that farming is added in the game! Please bare with us, we have seen the list. We will start posting daily updates again! Thank you for staying and playing Pride see you all in-game, Many thanks Pride staff team!
  4. Solis


    https://discord.gg/6wga7D27 is the link for our discord
  5. Pain


    hello is there a discord?
  6. hello did someone fix this issue for you? Its doing the same for me...
  7. Garet


    Solid Update!
  8. mod qw


    Hello everyone! Just a handful of updates mostly QoL. - We have added wrath runecrafting to ::edz and Bandit Camp lvl 21 in the Wilderness - We have fixed the banking all and x, currently when using x you can only bank a maximum of 1k as this was for testing purposes but will be limited to allow up 2147m, same as osrs - We have fixed the melee issue, this was down to the owner writing the new path finding he messed up one of the lines that told you to stop movement when attacking another player - We have fixed Ultimate Ironmen noting on banks, we should have all items covered now - We have re-added diaries, these were removed since we updated our interfaces. we have returned it with the stock interface but its pending a new look - We have added ::teletask , this command will teleport you to your task, we are working on a way to enable all players to use this command either for a cost of slayer points or unlockable for slayer points. Currently this is a donator command. - We have fixed an issue within ToB where you could dupe the Scythe of Vitur. No one has one in game but we're happy that you are now unable todo so - We have fixed the final boss glitching out due to the amount of DPS it receives it used to stop its transformation causing the game to null - We have added a basic chest counter in the quest tab so you can keep an eye on how many chests you have, we plan to expand this at some point in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read our updates, many thanks - Pride staff team!
  9. https://pridersps.com/Client/PrideRSPS.jar Here is the direct link the client file! Cheers.
  10. Sorry, I didn't see where else to post this. Can someone provide me with the direct client.jar file and not the launcher? I can't seem to run it without it crashing.
  11. mod qw


    Hello all, these updates should of been addressed with the last update log but due to time I was unable to complete this. - Bird house timers are now 50 minutes - Revs now have a separate drop table, in the sense you cannot kill the goblin and have the same odds at getting a craws as you would the knight or dragon. - Ancient emblems, the majority of these have stayed the same we have decreased the emblem to 100k and totem to 200k, due to how common these drops are. - We have enabled claiming your items back from a Skotizo death - We have added a donator benefit, where now anyone above 100+ will have unlimited stamina - We have fixed graceful now you must wear the full set to have the full effect - We have fixed the farming and clue-scroll achievements now they count towards your achievements (before they wouldn't, making the max cape impossible to achieve) - We have increased the amount of herbs picked for the achievements. - We have added Elite Bandos into the game now - We have buffed how much the fury costs in-game due to PVM point farming, it was over due a price increase. same with a few other items that have been increased. This should cover the important updates, any issues or concerns please raise them! Thanks, Pride staff team
  12. i have donated $125 and have $100 rank and it only gives me %15 droprate increase can this be fixed please! tysm! ign-tweetmykills
  13. Great update, wanna do some birhouses runs! and of course that elite bandos its my new upgrade thx for all, btw thx for clues (clue lover) :3
  14. mod qw


    Hi everyone! We have a few big updates coming out today! I hope we are all prepared for them some being pretty game changing in how we play and others hopefully changing the feel of the game! Before we dive into the game changing updates, lets address some minor fixes. - Final clue scroll updates, should be finished now. This is definitely over-due! - We have nerfed the vesta spear, as its just such a dominate weapon which it shouldn't be. - We have added Zamorak spear to the Zamorak boss - We have removed Nightmare from the boss tasks, as for the boss task to engage you are required to have the final hit, which is extremely unlikely due to the nature of the boss. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New content: We have finally added full Bird houses into the game! These are extremely simple to use, you'll require a chisel and hammer in your inventory to build the bird house. You can gain access the clock works once you teleport to the Bird House Area by talking to the NPC next to you. Bird houses can be farmed every 50 minutes, We use all the same locations as OSRS and the teleport system is the same method you use to gain access to the clock works. If you'd like to see any media regarding this please see in our #sneak-peak section in discord, To add to this, we completely understand that some bosses just aren't "worth it", in the sense of why would you grind Bandos out if Vesta is stronger, but Vesta has a small element of risk being in the wilderness. We have come back with an idea which will be introduced into the game at the same time as Bird Houses. We present Elite Bandos Armour. Elite Bandos armour, is better than Vesta armour + weapons. Granting an additional str bonus the max hit is only +3 more than Vesta, but it makes going to Bandos worth while. We would like to show off the new Bandos armour set, which actually look extremely unique and awesome! All media can be found in discord at a later date you will be able to see the stats on the forums, we are working on writing up a page to show off all effects and damage bonuses. For this update to take full effect you will need to make sure you restart your client launchers. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Many thanks, PrideRSPS. P.S We are fully aware of some issues like "tab" replying etc, We are still working on a fix for this. We are also are aware of a few other smaller issues that are posted in the suggestions/bugs within discord. We read them all but are limited to how many we can process each day. Please bare with us.
  15. pingou


    Dragon scimi is so nice for Ironman and ultimate. Nice updates in the way of the Eco. Keep working nice. Frodo.
  16. Now i will use my master clues yaii!! thank you great update! the row (i) its better now with 5% i think its fair and great balance on the dragon hunter was so cheap now its good grind
  17. mod qw


    We have addressed a few issues regarding item abuse and other items that were priced at a ridiculous value. We have also added new items into the game which we hope will become beneficial to all players. - Changed the prices of all god swords inside the bounty store, the old price was so cheap it made a constant cash flow into the game which had potential to break the current eco. - We have changed the price of the dragon crossbow as this should be a end of game item where before hand it was only 750 points we have increased it now to 2750, which will still give players that grinding feature - We have also added dragon scimitars to the bounty store as new players struggling to start of the grind to where to find this actual item, despite over 6 types of monsters dropping this item we thought it would be a great idea to add it too a shop. - We have Fixed the crystal bow, the ones the players currently hold will need to be exchanged so please speak to a staff member regarding this. - All clue scrolls should now be fixed, after our recent update on the 6th we realised we had missed a large chunk and a few spelling mistakes made the clue scrolls still un-useable. We hope with this update it will fix that issue. - We have gone and added two new imbued hearts into the game, these are the twisted heart which boosts your range level up for 7 minutes and we have added the blood heart which increases your melee stats up for 7 minutes. - We have decreased how much drop rate the ring of wealth (i) gives, which we think will help with the sustainability of the eco that we currently have. There was too much of a jump between the 3% to the 10% that it gave before, we have made it give 5%. - We have buffed how much xp is received from ensouled heads which now should grant 2x the amount they were giving before, as before hand they were hardly worth picking up. - We have changed the item ID of the seren godbow, to the Ice seren godbow which is dropped from commander Zilyana. We hope these updates will help the eco flourish and continue to grow. Any issues or concerns please raise them! Thank you for reading, PrideRSPS Staff team!
  18. pingou


    One of the best update ever made. Many thanks =]
  19. Great update! Ironmans enjoy that crystal weponry! GL everyone love you all
  20. mod qw


    Welcome everyone! Updates some of which were much needed to keep the eco at its current state, with a steady flow of items. - We fixed an issue where if you had a blowpipe you were able to hit up to 50+ and heal at the same time which was just game breaking as you could do COX or stay at your slayer tasks a lot longer than you're supposed to - We have now fixed all clue-scrolls, they should now all work correctly; All being one click for your rewards. - We have nerfed Elite Armadyl to match a outcome that is more realistic compared to hitting over 150+. Elite Armadyl will still be boosted by 10% while inside any raid but the overall effect has been nerfed to x1.4 compared to elite void which is x1.2. - We have removed the zenyte gem drop from the Misc drop achieved through pvm tasks and alike, which now you can only get this gem from slayer activities or killing Demonic Gorillas. - We have added crystal seed drops to elves, there was no real way for a iron man, hcim, etc to realistically get a crystal shield/weapon so we hope this will allow them to explore new content and tackle more challenging bosses. - We have removed some ridiculous loots from the blood chest and some items that just didn't have any functions. We have a lot of content coming over in the next few days, which hopefully we wont experience anything game breaking. But if you come across any issues or bugs please ensure they are reported asap inside our discord channel for the fastest fix available. We hope with these few updates achieved we were able to balance out the game a lot more and make it "worth while" while playing PrideRSPS, having the grind aspect still in play. We are currently overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we have received so far from everyone. So we'd like to say, THANK YOU!
  21. In-Game Staff Application Name: Evan Age: 29 In-game Username: SlayerNoob Discord Username: EvanOrgan Location: Canada Timezone: -3.5GMT Languages: English Screenshot of time played: ( can't atm server down, will post when up. ) How long have you played Pride?: been playing for 3 days now How many hours do you play a day?:I could do 5-7 when im off work working 2-4 Why do you want to be a member of the Staff team?: I want to become a member of the staff team to help the server grow as a whole! What separates you from other applicants?: I am very experience Do you have any skills that could be of benefit to Pride?: Experience, andknowledge Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?: I love the owner If you were a helper... What would you do if you saw someone spamming?: Contact them via cc/pms to request them to stop and if they refuse to stop I will issue 1 warning then a mute of appropriate time. What would you do if someone was flaming a player?: I would contact the use who reported it and request proof(unless I seen it with my own eyes) and tell the user to please stop with the flame and if they do not stop I would have to issue another warning and a mute if it got to out of hand before I could mute I would contact a mod to issue a ban. What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member?: I would tell them to stop and staff members deserved to be treated with respect and do not do it again, if they continue I would issue a mute/ban depending on the verity of there actions. What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums?: I would contact a mod to delete the post and issue them a forums warning and delete the post, or if I could do it all myself I would delete the post contact them about what they have said and tell them they do not need to be posting rude comments towards other users, has they do not want to be treated with disrespect. If they fail to do so I would be forced to issue a forums warning mark and tell them 2 more marks could result in a forums ban. What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items?: I would contact the user and request them to trade the items to a mod+ has I am a support I would not be trusted with such items and I would rather a higher staff member take the items, if the user logs off I would contact the owner Mod QW and tell him the situation I am handling and the users involved with the case so he can get into looking into the situation at hand.
  22. Name: Sam Age: 27 In-game Username: Iron Frog Discord Username: SamR#7025 Location: United Kingdom Timezone: London GMT+0 Languages: English Screenshot of time played: How long have you played Pride?: A day but i've learned everything i need to know to help others. How many hours do you play a day?: 14 ish? Why do you want to be a member of the Staff team?: The server has massive potential and without a doubt will soon become massive. I feel i could contribute too the cause of helping on a bigger release given how active i am. What separates you from other applicants?: Difficult to say as i don't know them personally. Do you have any skills that could be of benefit to Pride?: I'm mature, i tend to learn quickly so if more updates come as too learning mechanics etc i'd be able to share the knowledge with newer/returning players. Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?: If you were a helper... What would you do if you saw someone spamming?: I'd firstly ask them too stop spamming, depending on the cause of spamming i'd issue a warning. What would you do if someone was flaming a player?: Ask them as too why they're flaming the other player whilst issuing a warning letting them know if it continues a mute maybe needed. What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member?: Issue a warning but be less lenient with just the 1 warning as staff are to help and don't need extra aggro on top of it. What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums?: Ask the player in a pm to either reword it incase it came across wrong or just remove the comment if it's flame. What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items?: Instantly report it too Qw instead of the report a bugs section on discord incase others see and try to abuse it and make it more of an issue.
  23. first to achieve full gracefull https://prnt.sc/wev89s
  24. mod qw


    Welcome all to PrideRSPS. We're kick starting our release off with a few minor bug fixes: - Fix with classic mode not granting the correct amount of xp per hit - Fix with the wilderness lever teleporting you to the wrong position - Fix some cluescrolls not functioning correctly. (May still be missing a few but we will refine this asap) - Changes - - Changed how the Wilderness Chest announces loots, instead of creating spam inside the general chat. You can still see the loot received via our discord channel. - Nerfed the Wilderness Mystery Box; Removed nightmare staffs due to them being end of game items. Currently only iron men hold these items which are unable to be drop traded so it doesn't hinder the growth of the ECO but could scare off protentional new players. - Changed the donator shop to create a less of a pay-to-win shop; We've removed custom spirit shields which can be obtained through Vorkath, Zulrah, etc. We have also removed Torva and Elite Armadyl which can be obtained through raids. - We have changed the ::daily rewards, to make it more feasible and useful without trying to kill the eco so early on, allowing players to actually achieve their items. - Changed a few items inside the Ultra Mystery Box, You're not unable to gain the custom spirit shield and scythe from this type of box, as the items can be obtained in game like all the items in the donator shop, these items where removed as we feel it gave too much of an unfair advantage on new players. - Added Barrows Gloves to the PVM point shop Thank you for taking the time to read the latest updates, any issues or concerns please raise with a staff member asap for the quickest resolution. Many thanks, Pride Staff team!
  25. Hello and welcome to Pride's Tournament. This will be an ongoing event and will last until all prizes have been claimed. You will be required to provide screenshots of the completion of any specific task within the tiers to an admin or higher to claim your prize. Each task in a tier is worth the corresponding prize with that tier. Beginner Tier: Rewards 10 Donator tokens or $10 worth of mystery boxes First to get a skilling pet of any kind - Claimed First to 99 Farming and 99 Herblore (requires both) - Claimed First to complete 1 kill of each Godwars Dungeon Bosses - Claimed First to reach Farming Guild and utilize all patches within the Farming Guild. Easy Tier: Rewards 20 Donator tokens or $20 worth of mystery boxes First to 99 Agility - Claimed First to get full Graceful Outfit - Claimed First to get full Ahrim's from Barrows - Claimed First to get full Pyromancer outfit from Wintertodt Medium Tier: Rewards 30 Donator tokens or $30 worth of Mystery Boxes First to get 99 slayer and 3 unique item drops from monsters requiring 85+ slayer (Abby Demons or higher) - claimed First to get full Bandos from Bandos Godwars First to get 50 Corporeal Beast kills First to get Craw's Bow/Viggora's Chainmace from Revs and complete one of the wilderness shields (odium or malediction) Hard Tier: Rewards 45 Donator Tokens or $45 worth of M-Boxes First to complete the Godsword set from Godwars First to get Armadyl Crossbow and kill 50 Armadyl Bosses - claimed First to get 3 Wilderness pets from bosses First to get 2000 total level - claimed Elite Tier: Rewards 60 Donator Tokens or $60 Worth of M-boxes First to get Infernal Cape from Inferno without using raids items (eg no Tbow or Scythe) First to get Max cape - Claimed First to get 100million EXP in a non-combat skill (does not include slayer or prayer) - Claimed First Ironman to reach 2000 total level - Claimed First Group Ironman Team to complete a Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood Raid Master Tier: Rewards 80 Donator TOkens or $80 worth of mystery boxes First Ironman to get Max cape and get full Armadyl (including Armadyl Crossbow) First Group Ironman Team to receive a mega rare from Raids (Scythe/Tbow/Ancestral) First person to complete 25 of each raid First to Complete the spirit shield set (including custom spirit shields) First to get all pvp items from Revs/pking (does not count if killing alts for pvp points) Completionist Tier: Rewards 100 Donator tokens or $100 worth of mystery boxes First to reach 200m exp in 5 non-combat skills First to complete all Diaries First to Completionist Cape
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